Microsoft Camera App and Media Player updates

Following Microsoft’s launch of CD playback support for Media Player in March 2022 Microsoft has now released a new update to Media Player. Windows Insiders add support for CD ripping as well. Supported formats in this release include AAC, WMA, FLAC, and ALAC.

Microsoft has released a new Camera app to update the app to be compatible with its latest Windows 11 operating system. In addition to the existing support for cameras, videos, documents, and whiteboard scanners, Microsoft has also introduced the ability to scan all QR and barcodes.

Updates for Windows Insiders

“We’ve also started releasing updates for Movies & TV in version 10.22061 and higher to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

Native Arm64 Support: We’ve updated the Movies & TV feature on Arm64 devices. You will see faster and better performance when using this app.
Local video playback moving to Media Player: We’re moving video file type associations from Movies & TV to Media Player. This migration only affects file types that are already compatible with Movies & TV and when you open Movies & TV for the first time. “

“For more information on the latest updates to the Microsoft Camera App and Media Player visit the official Windows blog by following the link below.”

Source: Microsoft

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