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The Stock Market Crash of 2022 changed the consumer landscape forever, so much so that we have now come to rely on this figure to dictate the rise and fall of our investments as well as our very livelihoods. It might seem counterintuitive to place your trust in zero but as consumers are beginning to understand, zero is an essential part of the economy and can help you build wealth in ways that are perhaps more secure than ever before. Here’s why…


The Crisis Proof Retirement® System prevented all of its more than 5,000 Crash Proof Consumers from losing even a single penny during the market crash of 2022, according to Crash Proof Retirement, LLC, the largest consumer advocacy organisation for Americans in or near retirement. Many investors in the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement® System actually had an average of 5% interest added to their accounts, which would be compounded and never deducted.

According to Phillip Cannella, the inventor and creator of the Crash Proof Retirement® System, “Our exclusive Crash Proof Retirement® System takes the corruption out of Wall Street by offering investors the benefit of the stock market, but never the downside.” Investors will always move forward even during a market decline since the Crash Proof Retirement® System ensures a minimum of interest increases. The investor’s well-earned retirement fund is completely risk-free and unaffected by fees or Wall Street deterioration.

“Crash Proof Consumers, especially women, never have to worry about managing and overseeing their financial portfolio,” said Joann Small, CEO of Crash Proof Retirement®. Through our no-cost annual review process, the patented Crash Proof Retirement® System is designed to maintain itself with certified professional monitoring.

Investors have been brutalised by stock market volatility in 2022, but Crash Proof Consumers are aware that they will never lose money, even though Wall Street had its worst first half in more than 50 years, entering a bear market and wiping all the gains from the previous two years. Despite the stock market losing almost 20% of its value in the first half of 2022, Crash Proof Consumers not only safeguarded their money but also their time. The Crash Proof Retirement® System gives investors the ability to continue their lives even during times of economic instability, saving them from having to spend years of valuable growth time trying to recoup the lost portions of their nest eggs. These Crash Proof Consumers identified zero as their financial hero as a result:

We gained nothing, as opposed to moving in the opposite direction of the market. When the market recovers, the earnings we had previously will be compounded, according to Karl Beckers of Malvern, Pennsylvania. Knowing that our return would never be negative, we can be content with a zero return just as if we were receiving a substantial return. Marylin Beckers, his wife, continued, “One of the benefits of Crash Proof Retirement® is that there are no fees. The Wall Street brokers, in my previous experience, profit even while you are losing money. We never pay fees with Crash Proof Retirement®, and we never experience financial loss.

Wall Street investors have lost money owing to stock market volatility and commissions, but Americans are also experiencing a recession as a result of widespread inflation, which is now at 8.5%, the highest level in more than 40 years.

Money losses are never enjoyable, but they are especially painful during periods of inflation, according to Crash Proof Consumer Joe Greco of Hatboro, Pennsylvania. “I feel at ease now that we are in a recession. My wife and I are both OK. With Crash Proof, neither your money nor your interest can ever be lost. I don’t even know what percentage the market is down right now, but 4% [credited interest] is looking amazing right now, and throughout 2022, I won’t be losing anything while my friends are.

While Wall Street elites and the media work to redefine what constitutes a recession, some Crash Proof Consumers, like Emilio Visco, think that things are only getting started.

To be honest with you, I believe that we are headed for a depression,” said Visco, a hairdresser from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. “What I tell people about the Crash Proof® System is that, since 2007, I have made money and have never lost any. There are no fees associated with these investments for me. I’m not losing money, even if we’re in a recession. My investments will continue to generate interest even when the market bottoms out.

The Doylestown, Pennsylvania resident and Crash Proof Consumer Margaret Boese stated, “The stock market is a type of gambling, and you need to be highly knowledgeable to comprehend the market. I believe it is crucial for people to preserve their investments sooner rather than later, especially in current economy where there has been a clear lack of leadership. Unless anything unexpected occurs, the following two years will be difficult.

The knowledge that their hard-earned money is secure gives Crash Proof Consumers peace of mind regardless of what happens to the stock market or the economy as a whole. Through three market crashes, the unique Crash Proof Retirement® System has withstood the test of time, shielding more than 5,000 consumers from the danger, volatility, and costs associated with stock market investing.

Crash Proof Retirement

With locations in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and Palm Beach, Florida, Crash Proof Retirement, LLC is a unique consumer advocacy retirement planning financial organisation that is committed to safeguarding investors’ nest eggs. These professionals, led by CEO Joann Small and founder Phil Cannella, set the standard with their very own, individually designed Crash Proof Retirement® System. While Cannella and Small have taken different paths in their careers, they eventually teamed up with the aim of informing the public about the risks associated with Wall Street’s high-risk securities, as well as those associated with economic catastrophes, bankruptcies, and government takeovers, among other things.

Cannella and Small have used the Crash Proof Retirement® System to protect more than 5,000 consumers, and they have made it their mission to establish a consumer advocacy company that investors can trust and feel secure in during retirement.