It was a strenuous defense effort that failed Georgia to his first title in more than 40 years last season – however, frustration is the biggest topic of college football today.

The country is full of powerful weapons, and this will be shown soon as the season begins in the coming months.

But which evil team is about to become the best this coming season?

It’s not too late to see.

USC Trojans

In 2021, USC went 4-8, but found a head coach at Lincoln Riley who is known as one of the worst offenders in college football. Riley brought a lot of destructive weapons that played him into Oklahoma, including newcomer Caleb Williams and senior receiver Mario Williams.

Last season, Riley’s Sooners were eighth in the NCAA in each game (39.1), 18th in yards per game (451.0), and 33rd in the playoffs. Oklahoma often oversees football under Riley, just turning 12 all season, which was tied at number 13 in college football. As soon as he reached the finish, he scored 75.8% of the time, the second-highest in college football. Oklahoma’s biggest offense scored 40 points or more in six of their 13 games last season.

Riley expects his offensive skills to translate to USC in the year 2022. USC stayed at 65 points scored (28.7) and 23 in all games (443.9) last season.

Woe to the Rebels

Ole Miss ranked sixth in yards per game with 492.5, 11th in yards per game (218.5), and 22nd in cross-country. The arrival of former USC player Jaxson Dart should keep Matt Corral’s mistakes at least from last season.

The rebels were very offensive, scoring 30 or more points in seven of 13 games, and moved quickly, making a second game (78.2). More games meant more conversions, but Ole Miss saved his money, building Oklahoma at 13th-youngest in college football (12).

Ohio State Buckeyes

The Buckeyes were deeply embarrassed by the College Soccer Playoff tournament, ending the season at number 6 on the AP Poll. He was at the forefront of college football in offenses, leading the country in professional sports (45.7) and yards per game (561.2). In addition, Ohio State had over 380.0 yards per game, being third in college football, and third in yards per game. The Buckeyes ’case scored 40 points or more in nine of 13 games, and scored 50 or more in six games.

By making all those mistakes, Ohio State defended the ball, turning the ball 11 times throughout the season, which was the ninth in the NCAA.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama has been regarded as a college football team for some time and it makes sense. By the end of the 2021 season as a finalist, with a defeat to Georgia in a National Championship match, Alabama looks set to return in 2022.

Last season, the Tides were the worst offenders, finishing sixth in each game (39.9), seventh in yards per game (488.2), seventh in yards per game (338.2), and had the second highest hit in college games. (48). They also scored 40 points or more in nine of their 15 games.

In particular, Tide returns its Heisman winner, AP Player of the Year quarterback, Bryce Young.

Texas Longhorns

Is Texas back? After finishing the 2021 season unselected, head coach Steve Sarkisian has brought big fish to Austin, Texas.

Leading up to Texas’ turn of hope with their new return from Ohio State, Quinn Eers, a former high school graduate from Southlake, TX. Not to mention, Texas still has Bijan Robinson.

Texas expects to grow above-average to 35.3 points per game, which was 18 in college football, with the fourth-highest red zone touchdown percentage, scoring touchdowns at 74.5% of redzone visits. The Longhorns also scored three points in a single game in 2021 after earning 70 at Texas Tech.

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