The conference will outline specific government and local government initiatives and more than $ 40 billion to support the development of industrial workers. Instead, they are seen by government officials as a way to set a good example for other officials across the country to use when they want to spend the rest of the law.

“What we wanted to do was to make people realize that the American rescue program is helping people not only to return to work, but to return to decent work and better pay, thus achieving more jobs. CNN is looking forward to the conference, which will also highlight $ 3 billion in funding plans, which have been launched against ARP in the coming months.

The meeting comes as Biden faces a series of tough foreign tests with his first trip to the Middle East, which includes stops in Israel, West Bank and Saudi Arabia. But the incident confirms the recognition within the White House that domestic wealth remains the most important government and the most important.

With that in mind, and because of the pressure from the Democratic Party to highlight Biden’s achievements for the first 18 months in office, the conference will also want to highlight aspects of the largest economic rescue plan in US history.
All in all, it is a law that officials see as unpopular during inflation because of its effects and persistence in the epidemic, among other things, have made the US economy worse in recent months.

“With the headline and global inflation rate around 9% and the war in Ukraine, they may not be competing for national titles, but I think people are already feeling the effects in cities and districts and in their communities and that in time people will see it. ., ”Said the agency’s director.

Republicans, who have been united in opposing the rescue package, have followed the idea of ​​helping drive inflation for more than 40 years.

“The whole democratic government has already ruined America’s economic growth, and now it wants to tax us,” Kentucky Senate Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said Tuesday at the Senate.

While White House officials acknowledge the potential consequences of the legislation, they point to Covid’s concerns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a price-fixer.

In addition, he finds that looking at rising inflation does not miss more of the concept that contributed to faster recovery than economists predicted within the economic downturn caused by the epidemic.

That, as well as giving examples or road maps to other local officials, is the beginning of the conference.

Two Democratic governors – Roy Cooper of North Carolina and Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania – took part in the meeting. Cooper will present a list of measures that the government is taking to increase the salaries and retention of child care workers and home-based caregivers, as well as ways to improve working conditions.

Wolf needs to explain in detail what his government is doing in terms of care and medical services.

The White House is due to report $ 13 billion for state and local government grants, more than $ 16 billion to support and train domestic and health workers and more than $ 12 billion in training and developing teaching staff.

Teams consisting of mayors, governors and commissions, local leaders and staff will present the procedures established for this purpose.

The White House will also elaborate on thirteen ideas that it sees as providing road maps and best practices for governments and territories that still have the funds allocated – as well as the greater risk of changing economic crises and asking how to lay the groundwork. regular staff.

“We know you have to be consistent and prevent closure,” the official said in detail on a message the White House expects to send to local authorities. “But what can you do or what role models can you follow to create career paths, provide people with information, and increase the amount of compensation that enables people to perform this important task?”

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