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Eliza Fletcher

By Michelle

September 07, 2022

Eliza Fletcher was born in 15 January 1770 at Oxton.


Eliza Fletcher was an English autobiographer and early travel writer.


At eleven years old Eliza, a good-looking, intelligent girl, was sent to the Manor School at York.


Afterwards success in life set steadily in with little interruption. Mrs Fletcher died at Lancrigg, Grasmere, on 5 February 1858.

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It is an attractive book about a most lovable woman, who seems, according to her portraits, at 15 and at 80, to prove "that there is a beauty for every age."

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A body found this week in Memphis is that of a teacher who was abducted there while jogging last week, and a suspect is being charged with murder.

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She was abducted while jogging early on Friday morning near the University of Memphis campus.

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She had been kidnapped about 4am on Friday, when a man approached her and forced her into a sport utility vehicle after a brief struggle.