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Ahmed Salman Rushdie

By Michelle

Ausgust 13, 2022

During the British Raj, on June 19, 1947, Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay to a Muslim Indian family from Kashmir.

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Author Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie is a British-American of Indian descent.

Rushdie has spent much of his time in Lower Manhattan, New York City, close to Union Square.

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Rushdie has been married four times.

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Rushdie was assaulted during a gathering in Chautauqua, New York, on August 12, 2022.

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Just before Rushdie was to give a lecture, a guy stormed the stage and stabbed him multiple times.

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He was attacked on stage and is currently unable to communicate due to being on a ventilator.

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Salman suffered injuries to his liver, one eye, which he will certainly lose, severed nerves in his arm, and his liver.