Von Miller has already made himself one of the greatest athletes in NFL history.

He has collected 115.5 bags in the run-up to the eight Pro Bowl elections. Named the ten-year-old Pro Football Hall of Fame in the 2010s team, he is also a two-time Super Bowl champion.

Despite having achieved all that, 33-year-old Miller seems to want to do more. He signed a six-year contract worth $ 120 million Buffalo pay in March, and recently told Buffalo News that he wanted to finalize the entire deal.

“This is a six-year contract, so I’m looking forward to playing it all,” Miller told Buffalo News last month at the minicamp. “I’m trying to play the whole thing. Tom Brady has done it. Bruce Smith has done it. All the guys I look up to in terms of longevity at work. So I only take one day at a time,” and just take whatever God has given me. My goal is to play it all. “

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