BLACKSBURG – The Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame continues to gain popularity and tradition, with two NCAA champions and two Super Bowl champions, along with several ACC holders, selected to be in the 2022 nominees.

The 2022 class of inductees includes:

Bruce Arians, former Virginia Tech quarterback (1971-74) with over eight years of head coach training in the NFL. In 2021, he promoted the Lombardi Trophy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kam Chancellor, ACC champion often who scored 208 total in his Virginia Tech career. The Chancellor has been a Super Bowl champion and an All-Pro player twice.

Mike Gentry, centered on the growth of Virginia Tech football as a strong and coaching coach. A 29-year-old sports department employee became a member of the USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Hall of Fame in 2010.

Dorothea Habazin, All-American triple who was the second woman to win an international competition at Virginia Tech. Habazin took four ACC positions in his career, plus three in the hammer game and one in steel throwing.

Vince Hall, a four-year-old veteran who has a Virginia Tech record in consecutive games has started (44). Hall was the recipient of the Dudley Award in 2006, which recognizes a high school college player in Virginia.

Marcel Lomnickidea, one of Virginia Tech’s best athletes who has competed in international competitions and three appearances in the Olympics. Lomnicky became the third Hokie to win several NCAA titles in 2012 with his weightlifting competition.

Sara Smith, six ACC champion who received All-American honors in 2007. Smith was also named the 2008 ACC Swimming and Diving Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

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