Employees at Twitter were given the option of resigning or committing to a “hardcore” culture that requires them to work “long hours at high intensity.” They have till Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time to decide.

Overnight, the corporation distributed a “frequently asked questions” paper to staff members, warning them that by failing to click “yes,” they were formally announcing their resignation. You will receive paperwork attesting to this as well as the offer of severance in return for a separation contract.

The document provides answers to concerns that were raised after Musk on Wednesday demanded that remaining employees accept working “long hours at high intensity” or face receiving “three months of severance.” He is requesting that staff members back his idea for “Twitter 2.0.”

At the end of October, Musk completed the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter and immediately began to slash nearly 3,700 positions, or about half of the company’s employment.

The most recent memo states that, “unless otherwise required by local law,” employees who refuse Elon Musk’s ultimatum “will not be entitled to statutory redundancy or other termination payments.”

The Department of Industrial Relations in California declined to comment on whether or not these agreements complied with regional legislation. Despite having its headquarters in San Francisco, Twitter employs a scattered staff.