TOPPOSH Nebulizer 3D printing polisher

3D printers looking to polish their PLA and ABS 3D printing materials to a glossy finish may be interested in the new product. 3D print polisher it is called TOPPOSH. With a quick 10-minute wipe time, uniform heating and combined with ABS and PLA printing filaments, the Nebulizer 3D polisher can clean both simple and complex materials and boat repairs.

Early bird pledges are now available for the fun project starting at around $159 or £118 (according to current exchange rates).

3D print polisher examples

“To ensure the success of 3D printing enthusiasts, TOPPOSH has developed a special solvent to achieve fast and efficient PLA polishing. This solvent is a combination of acetone, alkanes, and various solvents and can soften both PLA and ABS without disturbing the colors. By using heat as a catalyst, the layer lines will melt and merge quickly on a smooth surface. TOPPOSH polished colors remove the layer lines and preserve the details of all the colors. TOPPOSH will not damage any prints and leave your design looking bright and shiny.”

Assuming that TOPPOSH’s fundraising effort successfully raises its pledge goal and production goes smoothly, global shipping is expected to take place sometime around December 2022. To learn more about TOPPOSH’s 3D printing project, watch the promotional video below.

3D print polisher

“With TOPPOSH, wiping 3D prints is more efficient than ever. A longer wiping time is recommended for large models, but usually no more than 20 minutes to avoid wiping. Although solvent vapor gives similar wiping results than water, steam generated by heat alone causes inconsistent results. Therefore, we added a nebulizer to the lid to spray the solvent mist from above.”

3D print polisher designs

“The design of the sample tray is also very useful when using TOPPOSH with complex designs. By using the tray, direct contact can be avoided with the solvent or with the surface of the sample, also protecting the sample. For flexibility there are buttons on both sides of the tray, which allow the image to be stopped with a cutting line fish or wire for a smooth finish from top to bottom.

For a full list of pledges, stretch goals, media and more for the 3D print polisher, jump over to the official TOPPOSH crowdfunding site by checking out the link below.

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