As a result of their amicable handling of the matter, neither side suffered casualties, the Indian Air Force reported on Tuesday that three officers had been fired by the government for accidentally firing a missile into Pakistan.

Military experts have previously expressed concern that the neighbours could make mistakes. They have fought three wars, along with countless smaller armed conflicts, often over what is disputed territory in Kashmir.

Pakistan demanded information from New Delhi about the safety precautions taken to prevent unintentional launches after India and Russia built the nuclear-capable BrahMos missile on March 9.
The air force stated in a statement that a court of inquiry established to examine the facts of the matter and determine who was responsible for the occurrence discovered that three officers’ divergence from the usual operating procedures caused the missile to be accidentally fired.

It stated that on Tuesday, the three officials had been fired by the administration with immediate effect.
The US-based Arms Control Association estimates that the BrahMos missile can reach Pakistan’s capital Islamabad from a launch site in northern India at a range of between 300 and 500 kilometres (186 to 310 miles).