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VANZY’s offerings are well described as the future of Human Interface. In short, we used a keyboard and mouse, and then we used touch screens. However, for now, VANZY gives you the opportunity to sharpen all your weapons with your hands, just like Tony Stark. They are designed to fit on your finger like a ring, VANZY and Air Conditioner as well as a controller that gives you the opportunity to adjust all your equipment. You can move or gesture to move the slides in the show, add or subtract audio from the music, skip the Netflix game, play a game, or do a variety of other activities. The VANZY ring also acts as a computer mouse or trackpad that gives you the option to use it as a standard controller on your laptop or tablet, as a wearable mouse. You can streamline things in VR, and you can also use VANZY to put some words, making it a very useful tool for any device you have…

Manufacturer: CoX Space

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 89 $ 129 (31% discount). Hurry, for a while.

Almost as small as a ring, VANZY comes with a 9DoF sensor that allows for high-resolution 3D location and advanced chipset that allows it to detect 7 different hands on multiple applications as well as on Windows, Macintosh, Android, and iOS devices. The background of VANZY is simple – in a world with a number of tools that you control by tapping and tapping with your fingers, why can’t your finger be a mouse instead, acting like a stick to use any device connected? To achieve this, VANZY works with phones, tablets, and even laptops via Bluetooth, allowing you to use them smartly by shaking your hands, or use a trackpad on VANZY to streamline them.

Fingerprints work in two ways – either by detecting movement and gestures, or allowing you to navigate your device via a trackpad above VANZY. Trackpad works just as well as it does on your TWS ears. You can keep the mouse active by holding and pulling your finger; left-to-left touch, right-to-right touch-up, and slide-down / up on VANZY. As the hands move, VANZY recognizes common movements such as moving left, right, up, down, rotating clockwise, anti-clockwise, and forward (as you point in space).

Morning Morning – Rotate your finger directly or horizontally to adjust the volume of your ear without turning your phone off.

Move the Desk to Your Fingers – Fingertips on the air mouse on all your devices.

At Work – A perfect companion for interviews, exhibitions, and conferences. VANZY gives you the right direction, even if you are far away.

For Manufacturers – It makes the discomfort of switching between devices a thing of the past. Just use your finger.

Watching Movies – Sitting down after a long day? Vanzy handed it to you.

VR – VANZY is not limited to physical content.

Bar Cradle – Gives you the opportunity to use VANZY as a barber.

However, each VANZY comes with a dock (also known as Bar Cradle) which calls your VANZY-made battery. Put your ring in the Remote Bar and you have a 3D remote control that you can use to run a video game, play a game, or use your laptop. Installed on the Remote Bar, VANZY recognizes 4 hands (up, down, left, and right). VANZY hands and controls can be adjusted and adjusted through the app, while the ring boasts of learning on a machine that improves over time by doing what you want it to do. This means that VANZY educates itself on the basis of how you use it, being the right dress code for you, rather than forcing you to learn how to use it in a certain way.

This is not the first time someone has done something to make a name for themselves as VANZY. The maker of the device, CoX Space, also made an original remake, which was named Snowl in 2020. VANZY builds on what Snowl has, in an avatar-like avatar, but with a better internal chipset, as well as more robust architecture. Each VANZY comes with protective glasses, and is designed to be waterproof (so you can use your VANZY for cooking, or even in the shower). The hardware device that sits on your finger weighs 5 grams, and with the Bar Cradle, shakes up to 52 grams, making it lightly lightweight but flexible. You can get your VANZY now on Kickstarter (priced at $ 89) and shipping from November. VANZY comes in a dark black color with a silk ring (medium and large), though, if you want to show off your full-length armor, you can opt for a gold and silver ring!

Click Here To Buy Now: $ 89 $ 129 (31% discount). Hurry, for a while.

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