Hot chocolate is probably the last thing on your mind when it comes to the temperature we endure. You will be interested in learning more how to make cold coffee, and I cannot blame you. But, recently I came across a device that makes hot chocolate like this, I’ve been drinking it even in the heat of the season – that’s fine.

It produces intense and delicious results in a matter of minutes and requires little effort. Plus it can do more than hot chocolate; iced lattes and chocolate martinis really are a push button away. As a result, my friend and I are attracted to each other, and we cannot. Here is what happened.

Hot chocolate in summer – are we crazy?

The latest incoming machine is none other than the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser ($ 149, Chocolate hotel (opens in new tab)). In hindsight, that $ 149 might seem like a huge bargain on a neat chocolate bar, and I have to agree with you. Instead, we just bought it because we found that it was for sale for the duration of the year. We were about to buy it already, but we could not get down.

The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser in charcoal with a sachet of hot chocolate

(Photo: Future)

However, I am glad we decided to do it ourselves in the end, sell it or not. The benefits of hot chocolate by the machine are impressive. It is as big as a milkshake and sits on a small piece that puts energy like an electric kettle. The handle comes out of the jar, which you use to twist and pull out the hot chocolate and there is a single button on the side of the base to energize it. It comes in four colors: copper, charcoal, white and platinum, making it a last resort. Its structure is also important – the body is made from metal, the lid automatically prints itself and the whisk inside contains magnets.

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