Why the difference ?: Geoengineering was a very old issue among scientists, and some say it must remain one. There are questions about its natural effects, as well as concerns that its effects could be felt around the world. Some find it extremely dangerous to experiment or even research, arguing that just talking about potential can undermine the need to address the causes of climate change.

But does it continue ?: Despite the concerns, as the threat of climate change increases and major nations are failing to make rapid progress in terms of emissions, many experts are scrutinizing the effects of these methods. Read the full story.

—James Temple

Things to read

I have searched the internet to find you the latest interesting / important / dangerous / interesting technical news.

1 The belief that AI is alive refuses to die
People want to believe that the models are compassionate, even when their makers refuse. (Reuters)
+ It is not surprising that wild religious beliefs find a home in Silicon Valley. (Vox)
+ AI systems are being trained twice as fast as they were last year. (Spectrum IEEE)

2 The FBI added missing missing cryptoqueen to a much-needed list
It pays a $ 100,000 reward for information provided to Ruja Ignatova, whose crypto system stole more than $ 4 billion from victims. (BBC)
+ The new version of the crypto Ponzi scheme is working. (Variety)

3 Television media ignores telehealth advertising
Participation in participating in drug use. (Protocol)
+ The doctor is showing you Zoom now. (MIT Technology Review)

4 We love Chinese lithium batteries
That is not good news for other electric car manufacturers. (Waya $)
+ This battery uses a new anode that is 20 times longer than lithium. (Spectrum IEEE)
+ Quantum batteries can, in theory, allow us to run a million miles between charge. (Next Website)

5 Extremists on the right are talking on the radio to avoid being identified
Making it difficult to control them with their violent actions. (Slate $)
+ Most of the rioters who attacked the Capitol were carrying radio equipment. (The Guardian)

6 Bro culture has no place 🚀
Said a vice president of NASA, who is ill and tired of misogyny in the area. (CNN)

7 The crypto exchange in the US is gaining momentum in Venezuela
It helps in the fight against hyperinflation, but it has not been established as it is believed. (Worldwide)
+ Most NFT players do not exist for ten years. (Vox)
+ Exchange Coinbase is working with ICE to track and identify crypto users. (The Intercept)
+ If RadioShack tweets surprise you, don’t forget it’s a crypto company now. (NY Mag)

8 It is time to learn to love our wetlands
Removing them prevents CO2 absorption and filters our waste. (New Yorker $)
+ The builder is making friends with the flood. (MIT Technology Review)

9 robots also love to draw 🖍️
Even I bet they are not as upset as we do when we mess up. (entries)

10 Dangerous world of adolescent brain
Making decisions that can be dangerous is an important part of adolescence, and our brain reflects that. (Popular Magazines)

Words of the day

They shamelessly celebrate an all-inclusive pool party where we can not afford to rent!

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