a cell phone. Although Americans use this device the most frequently on a daily basis, domestic IT businesses don’t appear to be making any investments in domestic production.
China is by far the largest manufacturing nation in the world. According to a United Nations report, the nation produced 30.5% of the world’s manufactured goods in 2021, followed by the United States at 16.8% and Japan at a distant third with only 7%.

Due to its reliance on China, Apple was revealed to be United Airlines’ largest client in 2019 after information about

social media the company’s purchase of 50 business-class seats per day from San Francisco to Shanghai was leaked on social media.

While many tech companies choose to manufacture their goods elsewhere, one American startup is defying the norm and constructing locally.

Todd Weaver started the company in 2014, and its name is Purism. Purism was initially helped by campaigns for crowdsourcing. The company now produces devices including smartphones as part of its expansion. The Librem 5 USA model phone is made by Purism and is the only smartphone in the world to bear the “Made in USA” label.