The Vice President and his wife Dr. Jill Biden are celebrating after receiving the good news that he has been cleared of Covid-19, the rare parasite that causes rebound cases where people find themselves over and over again in bad situations. After two weeks in quarantine and extensive testing at Walter Reed Military Hospital, Dr. Biden announced that her husband’s test results had come back clear, meaning he would be able to return to work. She said It’s such good news!

Joe Biden Has Been Cleared of Covid-19 And Will Continue

Joe Biden Has Been Cleared of Covid-19 And Will Continue
Image Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

President Joe Biden was free of Covid-19 and will continue to isolate themself from those who are affected by the virus, the White House reported.
Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, said in a memorandum on Saturday that Biden continues to feel very well. Despite his negative antigen test, “out of an abundance of caution, the president will continue his strict isolation measures until a second negative test is performed,” O’Connor said.
Biden, who was fully vaccinated and received two booster shots, tested positive for Covid on July 21 and again one week later in a “rebound” case.
O’Connor had previously warned of the possibility of a rebound of the positive test results, which could affect patients who have, like Biden, been prescribed Paxlovid as part of their treatment.