The PGA Tour has officially announced that it will not permit players who are members of the competing LIV Golf league to extend their memberships for the 2022–2023 season.

The LIV players will not be permitted to participate in PGA Tour tournaments in the 2022–2023 season as a result of the ruling, which was first reported by Sports Illustrated earlier in the day. The action follows the June indefinite suspension of players from the PGA Tour for their participation in the LIV league, which is supported by Saudi Arabia.

According to a PGA official who talked to CNBC on Friday, the players’ contracts with LIV restrict them from adhering to the membership rules, so they are not eligible for renewal.

Following their expulsion from the league, players, including Phil Mickelson, filed an antitrust complaint against the PGA Tour, alleging anticompetitive conduct. The league is also being looked into by the Justice Department for potential antitrust breaches. After winning 20 events over the course of more than 15 seasons, Mickelson, a LIV player, previously held a lifetime membership on the tour.

The most recent action came after the PGA Tour made significant modifications that were thought to be measures to keep players loyal and more effectively compete with the wealthy LIV league.

The top players on the tour agreed to participate in at least 20 events annually, and there were other adjustments as well, including greater prize money and player benefits.