Other radio stations, such as port operators, the former Havenage alliance, as well as the careless and dependable Hypha group, are organizations that are as scattered as any organization and can be ignored. Although Damian Martin has their own politics, he has no interest in agitprop cover.

“I did not want to make a case for removing the worst group. I wanted to tell a story on the edge of capitalism, where most of us have learned to live.”

Our Insecure World

Most of their interviews of Sleeping CitizenDeep Damian Martin puts the idea of ​​precarity, which inspired them when they read Anna Tsing’s. Mushrooms at the End of the Worldone of the modern scientific fiction mentioned in the game.

Says Damian Martin: “Many of the things we have are really stressful in our lives. We are all striving to achieve this through competition, fighting for jobs, opportunities, possessions, and even fame.

“We justify this with the myth of meritocracy, which dictates that the only thing that separates one from the comfort of success or despair of failure is unjustly judged to be good at something worthwhile.

When you consider the effects of stock markets, political policies, or restrictions imposed by immigration or other restricted identities, you find great security. Our world is full of systems that we cannot control. Surrounded by small, fragile walls, ”explains Damian Martin,“ when these walls are built and broken, we fall into depression, financial loss, poverty, and even death. ”

We hear these walls all the time Sleeping Citizen. The economic fear of these games related to the ability to buy food is compounded by the medical concerns of where to find a serum that supports our immune system, or how to find solutions that can get us out of our predicament. When caught in the middle of a series of aggressive behaviors during a very difficult time, rolling a few dice can cause a great deal of frustration.

“The greatest defense against these ruthless practices, as I have found, is co-ordination,” concludes Damian Martin. “While we may not be able to choose our own interests or the freedoms that we have, we can always strive to show love when the need arises. As the people around us drop the snake’s eyes at us. The unity of the alliance is how everyone saves the world. Since then, this has always been the case Sleeping Citizen, as in my life in many ways. I don’t think there are enough stories about people being locked up in these dangerous places. ”

Sleeping Citizen has been set up to continue with the three free episodes of the DLC, the first of which, entitled “Flux,” tells the story of a group of refugees locked out of the Erlin Eye by isolation mechanisms.

“All I can say right now is ‘Flux’ is focused on refugees, regimes, and creating a compassionate environment within democracy,” explains Damian Martin. “I hope the players will find interest and follow the story that is happening this year and tomorrow.”

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