Foreign Communist Writer SHANE JACKSON, President of Jackson Healthcare and co-founder of goBeyondProfit.

As the epidemic reached its climax, we saw the desperate efforts and exhaustion of medical care from paramedics and paramedics. We hoped that once the plague was over, we would all be able to breathe fresh air and recover.

Unfortunately, we are now beginning to realize how the events of the last two years are affecting everyone. As employers, we have seen for ourselves the unprecedented challenges that are causing many to quit their jobs. As psychiatric providers, we have seen a significant increase in the need for fewer physicians available to meet those needs. The effects of these two events together have led to a crisis of insanity in contrast with what our country has experienced.

Shane Jackson is the President of Jackson Healthcare and co-founder of goBeyondProfit, an international network of more than 1,800 business leaders who have volunteered to be generous and change people’s lives.

In the summer of 2020, in some of the most difficult days of solitary confinement and confinement, the global corporation goBeyondProfit began asking people about their mental health. In the first study, respondents shared that they were anxious but still stated that their mental health was good. That view is diminishing.

In a recent survey, goBeyondProfit reported that 30 percent of Georgian workers surveyed said they could retire in the next six months, and 38 percent said that compensation was the key to their decision. The obvious is the second reason. About 35 percent – almost all of whom opted for compensation – say their mental health is contributing to why they may be looking for a new job.

Not surprisingly, people are struggling with depression right now. That he would point out that the main reason for applying for a new job should be to stimulate all businesses.

Earlier this year, Georgia lawmakers staged a dignified demonstration of bipartisanship, passing laws that seek to increase access to psychiatrists in our state. It is good that our government is taking action to address this problem, but the consequences of government actions will take many years. For Georgian businesses and workers, the problem is here.

A recent goBeyondProfit survey also asks Georgians which organizations they trust to do the right thing. Only 36 percent said they trusted the government. In contrast, 65 percent say that they trust their employers to do the right thing. And an astonishing 75 percent of Georgians trust employers to go beyond what is right and help solve the problems we face together.

If you are doing business in Georgia, this is what you need to hear. Your employees have been burned and injured. They trust you to help them, but if you do not, they will leave. It’s as simple as that.

So, what should business leaders do?

Employees are looking for employers to help them connect with psychologists and other resources. Most importantly, when asked what employers can do to show that they care, the first answer is to provide flexibility.

This should not be overdone which means people just want to work from home. What employers are looking for is their recruits to find out when, where and how to work in a way that will help them deal with the many stresses that are taking place in their lives.

Every business is struggling to recover at the time of the “Great Depression”. There is a shortage of workers, a real pay rise, and businesses have to make difficult decisions in order to balance the cost of labor and their ability to provide the best for their customers. However, one thing every business leader can do is try to understand what is going on in the lives of the people they work with. If businesses increase their wealth to their suffering employees, we can be part of the solution.

Georgia is missing.

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