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Pickup trucks are expected to fill huge shoes. It took some searching to find some of the most dependable pickup trucks for 2022, but iSeeCars has the solutions. These are the full-size, medium, and heavy-duty trucks from manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, and Ram that are the most dependable.

The Toyota Tundra was the most dependable full-size pickup truck.

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iSeeCars chose the Toyota Tundra as one of the most dependable full-size pickup trucks for 2022. In order to determine which used automobiles have at least 200,000 kilometres, iSeeCars examined the roughly 11.8 million that were sold in 2020. This information showed that the Toyota Tundra pickup truck was the most durable and dependable full-size truck. Although it isn’t the most modern vehicle on the market, its long track record of dependability more than makes up for that. The 5.7L V8 that Toyota instals in the Tundra has a towing capacity of 10,200 pounds.

The Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are two other standout full-size truck options.

Score for Reliability on iSeeCars: 8.2 (of 10)

Price range for a new Toyota Tundra: $38,470 to $56,920

Price range for a used Toyota Tundra: $29,998 to $46,660

The most dependable midsize pickup truck for 2022 was Honda’s Ridgeline.

The Honda Ridgeline was the most dependable pickup truck in the midsize segment for 2022. In terms of dependability, the Ridgeline is closer to an SUV, but its unibody build gives it even more versatility. Although it doesn’t tow as much as some of its rivals, it provides better comfort. The dual-action tailgate that Honda included on the Ridgeline pickup truck makes loading and unloading even simpler. Although it can only tow 5,000 pounds, in some circumstances that is sufficient.

The Toyota Tacoma and the Jeep Gladiator are suggested as ideal Ridgeline substitutes by iSeeCars. The Tacoma can pull more than the Ridgeline when properly outfitted.

Score for Reliability on iSeeCars: 8.2 (of 10)

Price range for the new Honda Ridgeline: $34,611–$44,619

Price range for a used Honda Ridgeline: $25,995 to $36,069

Check out the Ram 3500 if you require a heavy-duty vehicle.

Ram 3500 won first place in the heavy-duty pickup truck category. A Cummins turbo-diesel engine is a good alternative to the 6.4L gasoline engine, which is the usual engine choice. This model can pull 37,000 pounds and has a maximum torque output of 1,075 lb-ft. Out of comparable vehicles in its sector, the heavy-duty Ram 3500 has the longest average lifespan, according to iSeeCars. Furthermore, not many trucks can match that tow rating.

According to iSeeCars, the Ford F-350 Super Duty and the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD both provide long-term durability and capabilities.

Score for Reliability on iSeeCars: N/A

Price range for the new Ram 3500: $45,520 to $73,275

Price ranges for used Ram 3500: $22,000 to $110,000

These are some great possibilities to get you started, depending on how much work you need to do in your truck. If you require greater towing capacity, a smaller truck probably won’t work. In the same way, many casual drivers may not need a heavy-duty truck. For in-between, a full-size pickup truck is an excellent choice.