A revolutionary new bra will soon be coming to the US Army, but this isn’t just any ordinary undergarment; it’s highly functional and created with the female soldier in mind. The Under Armour Tactical Bra was designed by UA engineers and features a wide variety of functionalities that will help women soldiers perform their duties more efficiently and effectively on the battlefield, no matter what the weather conditions are like. Here are some of the ways this tactical bra provides protection and practicality for female soldiers

A tactical bra is being developed by the US Army for its female soldiers.
In Natick, Massachusetts, the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Solider Center, also known as DEVCOM, is in the process of developing the bra known as the Army Tactical Brassiere. The Army Uniform Board will have approved the first official uniform bra it has ever provided female soldiers.
US Army is developing this bra, first reported by the Army Times.
The Army Uniform Board will receive the final concepts and designs for the bra from the Design, Pattern, and Prototype Team of the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center in the fall of 2022, said David Accetta, Soldier Center spokesperson.

PC: New York Post

If the Army Uniform Board approves the prototype and approves it as a permanent addition to the Army uniform, it will be adopted by the military as the formal uniform. To gather information about proper fit, function, support, and performance, DEVCOM surveyed hundreds of female soldiers across the Army and collected all of the necessary information.

Because the bra is viewed as a tactical accessory and not simply sportswear, extensive testing was done while designing the current prototype, including testing its ability to resist fire in DEVCOM’s Thermal Test Facility. This includes discussion of our findings when we present the bra to the Army Uniform Board this year. “If the ATB becomes an official Program of Record as a result of the Army Uniform Board, this will be a win for female soldiers across the Army, who will likely be issued the bra upon entry to the Army,” Accetta said.