Razer Kiyo for $ 72: In our previous option, the original Kiyo still offers 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (or 720p at 60 frames per second) with a controlled switch and turn the light ring to glow, turn off, or turn off. completely. The color scheme is good, with good colors, and the camera quickly changes the brightness around the room as it changes. It just looks good, but you will see it change as you walk around the frame. The display is slightly larger than that of conventional cameras, coming around 82 degrees. A month later, my Kiyo cable broke, which gave me a break. But my second one goes strong, and the WIRED writer Parker Hall has no problem with his Kiyo, which is why we had confidence in our words.

Anker B600 Video Bar 2K Webcam for $ 220: Commentator Julian Chokkattu calls the best B600 videos. If your computer can power it, the B600 can run up to 2K resolution. They are very expensive, however, and also very large to be stored on a laptop computer like other webcams. In low light conditions, the image quality is very small even with a bright indoor light source, so it is well connected to the outside light.

Obsbot Tiny 4K AI Webcam for $ 269: Chokkattu has been making his Obsbot webcam great for six months, and as someone who talks to him videos several times a week, I can say that his 4K image looks great. What makes it stand out is that it only looks at your face as you walk, making it look like you have a bunch of secret cameras. You can turn on and off the side with a palm wave, while it responds with the hands.

Logitech C922x $ 99: C922X are digital cameras with a solid interface. It can move 1080p video at 30 frames per second or 720p at 60 frames per second, making Razer Kiyo and Kiyo X its main competitor. But they are the most expensive of all and have a minimum 78-degree angle. It’s a good webcam, but you can get the Kiyo X for a cheap price.

Logitech C615 for $ 29: The recordings were good (at the original price) -1080p resolution at 30 per minute with a 78-degree resolution – and the image quality is good for anything but low light. You can also rotate the 360-degree camera, which also features editor Julian Chokkattu is said to do so when not in use, as there are no privacy locks. Underneath, the microphone records in mono, not stereo, and a short cable can be frustrating to use with a computer, even though it works well with a laptop. If the stores are thin and this is all you can get, it is not a bad idea, although the extra costs of your choices are much better.

Logitech C930e for $ 73: This is a business model for Logitech’s C920 with 90-degree segments that are better suited to capture larger stakeholder groups than the C920’s 78-degree division. For one home user, 90 degrees can be a fun and accessible way (I liked the Brio selection option). Unlike Brio, you are limited to 90 degrees, which may not work for everyone. This website has not been as cheap in history as it has been recently. In the past, regular prices of more than $ 100-plus, are not worth the extra cost. For under $ 100, it is an official webcam with

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