According to the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla broke its previous record for monthly sales in China in September by selling 83,135 wholesale automobiles produced in China.
According to CPCA data, the amount represents an 8% increase from August and surpassed the more than 5% growth month over month of total wholesale electric vehicle sales in China.
As the American automaker continues to invest in China production, it broke the previous sales record of 78,906 in June and set a new milestone for Tesla’s Shanghai factory since production started in December 2019.
Globally, Tesla last week reported third-quarter deliveries of 343,830 electric vehicles, a record for the most valuable automaker in the world but lower than the 359,162 analysts’ average expectations, according to Refinitiv.

Following a major production halt at the Shanghai facility in July for an upgrade, which sought to increase the factory’s weekly output to approximately 22,000 units from levels of approximately 17,000 in June, Reuters previously reported, Tesla accelerated its China deliveries.
After a COVID lockout, the plant, which makes Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, reopened on April 19. However, full production did not resume until mid-June.
Despite heatwaves and COVID limitations that affected its suppliers in the southwest of the country, production increased.

With 200,973 wholesale sales in September, up nearly 15% from August, China’s BYD continues to dominate the local EV market, according to the CPCA, which also noted that increased gasoline costs and government incentives continue to encourage more consumers to pick electric vehicles.