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One of the pioneers of the global electric revolution is Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 played a crucial role in transforming Tesla into the business that it is today. Tesla don’t require much maintenance, however the Model 3 still requires maintenance. The Tesla Model 3’s maintenance costs after four years and 300,000 miles are shown below.

Tesla is promoting EV adoption globally.

In the 2010s, a Prius was the greenest vehicle the typical American could afford. Tesla was producing cars at the time, albeit high-end, pricey EVs like the Roadster. Celebrities driving and purchasing those EVs garnered media attention, but that quickly changed. EVs became more accessible to consumers with the release of EVs like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3.

Many people decided to switch to an EV as they became concerned about climate change in order to reduce emissions. EVs appear prepared to take over the automotive industry in a few years thanks to increased government backing provided by regulations like the Inflation Reduction Act.After 2035, EVs will be the only new cars sold in some regions, like California.

That said, for the electric revolution to keep gaining momentum, automakers must produce high-quality, reasonably priced vehicles. One of the things that regular people will need to consider before buying a car is the cost of car maintenance. Unsurprisingly, the Model 3’s maintenance costs are affordable.

The costs of maintaining the Tesla Model 3 are shown below

As noted by Vehicle Suggest, EVs require different maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. This is primarily evident in the tyres of the vehicle, which EVs, especially Teslas, will wear out more quickly than a conventional vehicle. This also implies that EVs require specialised tyres, which are more expensive than regular tyres. After 300,000 miles, replacing the tyres on an EV might cost around $6,700, although the cost for gas-powered vehicles is more likely to be around $4,600.

There are other items that require upkeep and repair besides tyres. The air conditioner will require maintenance, just like any other component of a car, as will less important components like the horn or the wipers. Overall, people won’t have to spend that much money to maintain a Model 3 for four years. Vehicle Suggest estimates that the maintenance expenditures for a Model 3 after four years and 300,000 kilometres were only $9,700.

What the future holds for Tesla

Tesla’s Model 3 remains its most popular model, but the business is always coming up with new ideas. One of the first electric vehicles to be introduced is the Cybertruck, which is scheduled to hit the market in 2020. It was postponed, though, and rival automakers Rivian and Ford beat Tesla to the punch by starting to produce their electric trucks first.

In 2023, the Cybertruck’s manufacturing should begin. The Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning are not designed like the Cybertruck. However, the Cybertruck ought to be able to do truck-related tasks just like those trucks. Given that the base price is around $40,000, it should also be cheap.

A new version of the Tesla Roadster, due out in 2023, is another goal of the company. Last but not least, the Tesla Semi is an electric semi-truck aimed towards drivers of commercial trucks. Also expected to debut in 2023.