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System76, known for its Linux desktops, this week launched a new keyboard launcher called Launch Lite. Prices start at $199 for a convertible keyboard that includes open source hardware and firmware and is compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS. “Many customization options make Launch customizable to your needs. The smart design of the keyboard makes everything possible, and significantly reduces hand twisting.

“Launch is our first tool compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. In keeping with our ethos, the design files are readily available for anyone to view, learn from, and modify. Subsequent updates have also been made public. The Launch firmware is based on the open source QMK firmware. Updates can be activated by the user, and is available through the Pop!_OS and LVFS firmware settings. When your firmware is updated, your keyboard LEDs will flash ONLOCKED, letting you know that the firmware has been updated.”

System76 Launch Lite open source keyboard

Open source keyboard

“Choose your voice to match your workplace. Royal switches provide a steady sound, while Jade switches produce a disturbing click. For more sound and better phone calls, enjoy the glow of the Silent Brown switch or the Silent Pink switches. Royal, Jade, and Silent Brown tactiles have a light bump that feels satisfying to the finger when a key is pressed. Silent Pinks, on the other hand, are linear; they don’t have the bump, meaning the mechanism is smoother because your finger won’t feel the resistance of the keys. (35g force compared to 50g for Silent Browns, 70g for Jade, and 75g for Royals.)

“Walk through the different lighting colors and the large RGB display. Look too long, however, and you’ll be drawn into a hypnotic trance of gentle light. The solid aluminum frame and rubber feet stabilize the chassis and prevent it from sliding around on your desk. flat or add a magnetic foot to tilt 15 degrees.”

Source: System76: Liliputing

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