BOSTON – A few games is not enough to end what has been a frustrating three-year affair with Aaron Hicks.

And they can’t stop the Yankees from pushing an outside player into the market or stopping fans from yelling for Estevan Florial, who is riding on a plate in Triple-A Scranton / Wilkes-Barre.

But after hitting another homeer on Saturday, Hicks has three in his last five games.

In his last five games, Hicks is 8-for-16 with three, three, three homers, seven innings and six RBI.

Surprisingly, these seven extra hits are one more than Hicks made in his first 69 games of the season.

“I get the ball a lot of times,” Hicks said before defeating the Yankees in the Red Sox. “I am comfortable in a box. I felt like a great runner at the start of the season and I’m not afraid of the two eagles, which I already do. ”

Aaron Hicks hits it alone in the fifth inning of the Yankees' loss in the Red Sox.
Aaron Hicks hits it alone in the fifth inning of the Yankees’ loss in the Red Sox.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

After the victory Friday night at Fenway Park, manager Aaron Boone was asked what it would mean if the Yankees regained the former Hicks brand, a race that did not last long due to various injuries, from. UCL tore the need for Tommy John’s surgery on a torn wallet that expired last season.

Boone said a return to Hicks form could be “huge.”

“You’re looking up to the season, it’s starting,” Boone said.

“Right, he’s been threatening all year,” Boone said of the shooter. “Now he has started to take steam on the left, which is a big deal. It gives us strength [in the lineup]. ”

In fact, Hicks hasn’t been a threat this season. He has shown the light of promise in recent years, but there has been little change. And his strength was terribly lost (especially since he underwent manual surgery) until recently.

Aaron Hicks hits it alone in the fifth inning of the Yankees' loss in the Red Sox.
Aaron Hicks has also found his strength on the plate.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

“I had to remember how to fight other games and you can do this with reps,” Hicks said. “I want a higher percentage, but a higher OPS, too. Traveling is fun, but I travel enough.”

Boone praised his ability to do a lot of work and even to the point where he was poor. Last month, however, Hicks showed some signs of coming.

From June 7 to Friday, Hicks played 27 games and went 23-for-81 with four innings, two innings, four homers and 17 RBIs to go along with 13 and 22 times. This was good for the OPS of .920 and allowed for its OPS season to jump from the offensive .580 to the .707 high.

And although Hicks slipped in defense in the middle court, he showed he could be solid in the outer corners, allowing Giancarlo Stanton to play in a smaller position, imitating the ball.

“He’s up and he’s on our list,” Boone said.

It was a long time before this happened, as Hicks has been frustrated since signing a seven-year deal, $ 70 million before the 2019 season.

His speed and descent are still slightly lower than before in his career and some of his high numbers – outside of the plate tradition – remain poor.

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