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Artists, designers and those who like to draw with pencils may be interested in the new permanent pencil made by Stilform in the form of AEON permanent pencil which have magnetic points. The AEON pencil launched on Kickstarter this month and is available in a variety of colors including aluminum, copper, titanium and magnesium and has already raised €160,000 thanks to over 1,600 backers with 38 days to go.

Early bird pledges are now available for this special project from $57 or £42 (according to current exchange rates)offering a huge discount of around 30% off the final retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is in.

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“These long-lasting metal notes are magic – The natural and non-toxic elements of Tin and Bismuth combine to create pencil-like characters. This nib won’t wear out over time! Need a quick writing or drawing pencil? Powered by Aeon’s neodymium magnets, you can freely switch between nibs “Eternity” metal and graphite tip for different pencil applications. Each metal is different in its weight and touch. It speaks of your character, and makes a special gift to carry on.”

If the Stilform AEON project successfully raises its promising goal and the project goes well, worldwide delivery is expected to take place sometime around January 2023. To learn more about the Stilform AEON permanent pencil project, watch the promotional video below.

A permanent pencil

Your notes with the “Forever” tip will stay neat and tidy forever. When your work is done, your hands or arms are clean. Liquids do not make the symptoms disappear. Although the strokes are fine, it can be erased like a 2H-pencil. For more pencil feel, just switch to a graphite tip. The lashes are dark but also fade easily. Each Aeon is characterized by a carefully selected piece, made of walnut, ebony or maple. Not only does it give you a comfortable space, but it also reminds you of an old-school pencil.

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“Billions of plastic pens are not recycled every year, which is left as waste. If you’ve been eating plastic pens and turning forests into pencils like us, it’s time to grab a metal pencil!”

For a complete list of early birds, stretch scores, media and descriptions of the eternal pencil, visit the official Stilform AEON fundraiser page by following the link below.

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