Two months after showing up at Holmes’ door to speak with her, a key witness in the trial of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes stepped up his testimony on Monday.
In a special hearing before Judge Edward Davila in the United States, former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff stated, “I don’t want to help Ms. Holmes; she’s not someone who should be healed.” County Court. “Ms. Holmes is the only one who can assist her. She must make good on her social obligation.
In connection with the failure of Theranos, Holmes was found guilty in January on four counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
SIn August 2022, Rosendorff paid her a surprise visit at her residence on the vast Green Gables estate in Woodside, California, which is why he is asking for a new trial.
In court documents, Holmes’ partner Billy Evans asserts that Rosendorff spoke regretful things on August 8 in front of their house. Evans said that Rosendorff stated, “He tried to answer the questions honestly but that the prosecutors sought to make everyone appear terrible,” in his statement.
Evans asserted that Rosendorff had stated his desire to “assist” Holmes.
But Rosendorff remained steadfast when questioned by American officials. Holmes’ prior testimony that Theranos was a fraud was deemed to be truthful by District Judge Edward Davila, federal prosecutors, and a Holmes attorney.

Rosendorff testified before the court that he spoke with Evans for ten minutes, and that he went there to seek Evans’ forgiveness and healing so he “could move on” with his life. He also denied Holmes’ claim that he had changed his mind about prior declarations made under oath during the trial.
From 2013 to late 2014, Rosendorff worked at Theranos. He testified for six days straight, which was the longest of any witness during Holmes’ well-publicized trial. It was discovered that John Carreyrou, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, used Rosendorff as a primary source for a number of his pieces that highlighted the company’s flaws and questionable business practises.

In the months after Elizabeth Holmes’ conviction, Rosendorff admitted to Holmes’ counsel, “I started to feel increasingly worried and uneasy at the idea her little kid would spend the formative years of their lives without their mother.” And from what I understand, Ms. Holmes might be expecting again.
When questioned about whether or not she was expecting a second child after giving testimony, Holmes remained silent.
Within a week of the hearing on Monday, federal prosecutors will present written arguments, as will Holmes’ counsel. After that, Judge Davila will rule on her request for a new trial.
If the request is turned down, Holmes will be sentenced on November 18.