The latest Apple Store in Cupertino is coming to tony Brompton Road, London, on July 28. To coincide with this opening, Apple has just released a new floral wallpaper with hidden images to help your attention.

Among the strange plants in the picture above, can you spot the Apple Pencil, iPhone and Siri in the distance? Not everything is hidden there, but it is the beginning.

See the gadgets spread among the wildflowers in the new images of Apple’s Brompton Road, London, store opening

“Our newest store on London’s Brompton Road, just off Hyde Park, is about to be explored,” said Apple’s website announcing the store. “It’s a place where your bravest ideas can blossom, and we’re here to help them grow.”

On this page, you can see the flower theme growing on the screens that Apple provides for different devices.

For iPhone and iPad, flowers form a simple Apple logo made up of flowers and Apple products and logos, including a butterfly made from the iCloud and Apple Pencil logos. Mac Pictures (pictured above) has a whole bed of plants and flowers.

New Apple Store

A new Apple store will open on July 28 in Brompton Road, London’s upmarket district. It runs from Knightsbridge to Fulham Road and is home to department stores Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

The floral theme of the cartoon appears to be a reference to Hyde Park, which is located near the new mall, as Apple said. The neighborhood is also a busy part of the city. So unless Apple makes a surprise for the store itelf – we will see on July 28 – the park can be the nearest source of green.

Meanwhile, update your environment with clownfish in iOS 16 beta 3.

Apple also plans art, music, fitness and health Today at Apple events, including an Apple Music playlist, at the opening of Brompton Road.

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