When SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket into orbit on February 6, it was one of the biggest successes yet for SpaceX and its billionaire founder Elon Musk. The launch not only demonstrated that they’re capable of putting large payloads into orbit at an incredibly low cost, but it also proved their ability to reuse parts of the rocket, which could allow them to save millions in development costs down the line. And now, SpaceX has raised another $250 million in equity, bringing its total to $2 billion in 2022.

Earlier This Month, SpaceX Closed a $250 Million

Earlier This Month, SpaceX Closed a $250 Million
Image Source: Yahoo Finance

Last month, Elon Musk’s SpaceX closed a $250 million round of equity, bringing the company’s total fundraising to $2 billion in 2022.

The filing does not specify the sources of the money, but according to it, five investors supplied it.

SpaceX has not disclosed any changes to its valuation. Over the last few years, the company’s value has skyrocketed as it has raised billions to build the Starship rocket and its satellite internet network, Starlink. As reported by CNBC, the company’s value reached $127 billion during its previous equity round in May. That raise raised $1.725 billion.

SpaceX is now at work on their next goal for Starship’s development: making the first attempt to reach orbit. Just this week, Elon Musk on Twitter indicated that a successful orbital flight would be expected within 1 to 12 months.