Sony has become a newcomer to sound technology with a wide range of speakers from speakers to subwoofers, and in addition to its collection, it has also introduced another line of portable speakers with IP67. One of its carrier speakers, the SRS-XG300, can sit for one minute under water for up to 30 seconds.

The Importance of Waterproof Speech

Aside from the battery life, one of the things that portable speakers need to have is waterproof. The reason why many people buy portable speakers is to play music on the beach, in the car, or elsewhere with their friends.

Sony often does not exercise to compete with Apple or Amazon, and other companies. Instead, the company focuses on providing a wide range of events that most people can enjoy instead of a select few.

SRS-XG300 For Sale by Floater?

Sharing music through loud speakers can be fun, and to make things easier, Sony’s new speaker has an extended battery life of one day. To make things more fun, a Shipping to Japan The SRS-XG300 was for sale along with the float.

This means that either Sony or the retailer had full confidence in the skills of the speaker who recommended using it in the swimming pool or beach. The speaker is powered by Bluetooth, which makes it easy for users to play music.

Sony’s SRS-XG300 is part of The Company’s X-Series

According to an Engadget article, Sony’s new speaker, the SRS-XG300, is part of a three-person portable speaker within the company’s X-series. The portable speaker features a Mega Bass component to facilitate low response, especially when users are outside.

Another thing that users can enjoy is the ClearAudio + interface which is said to provide users with a clear voice. Finally, there is a Live Sound Mode that allows the speaker to carry depending on how the sound will sound if the users are sitting in a live position.

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Other Hybrid Speed ​​Combining with SRS-XE300 and SRS-XE200

While these changes provide only changes in the terms that users can hear, there is another way users can adjust the settings to get the wording they want. Users can use the Sony Music Center app to adjust the EQ as desired.

Sony’s SRS-XG300 will launch two more speakers, the SRS-XE300 and the SRS-XE200. All of these speakers, however, do not give users a listening time compared to the SRS-XG300 at 25 hours.

The XE-300, for example, can play up to 24 hours which is not really bad, while the SRS-XE200 can last up to 16 hours.

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