As a result of rapidly rising energy prices and inflation rates, public transport prices throughout Spain were already cut in half. Recently, the government has announced a new discount of 100%. The public train network Renfe will begin offering free rides on all of its trains beginning in September.

From September 1, until the end of the year, train trips for passengers in the country of Spain’s public rail system will be free of charge.

TV reports that the measure excludes one-way tickets, as well as long-distance travel. A multi-journey ticket is good for at least 10 return trips.

The Spanish Ministry of Transport said in a Statement

Image Source: The Diplomat in Spain

This measure encourages the maximum the use of this type of collective public transport for traveling safely, reliable, comfortable, economical, sustainable and reliable means of transportation, amid the extraordinary circumstances of the steady increase of energy and fuel prices,” the Spanish Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

A 50% reduction on public transport fares in Spain was made in light of a proposal to introduce a Renfe-style travel pass.

Eco-friendly and money-saving

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Although it isn’t the only European country to reduce public transport fares, Spain has done so as well. Last month, Germany introduced a monthly transit pass costing €9 that can be used for buses and trains within the country. As part of a government energy relief package, the deal will last until August 31. In late 2021, Austria introduced a climate ticket that would be available for all modes of public transport for a heavily discounted price, with the aim of encouraging people to leave their cars at let’s go home. With this Klimaticket, you would spend just $1,267 a year, or $3.50 a day.