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Amazon annually Prime Day sales return July 12-13, and some deals are already in place in preparation for the event. Not surprisingly, it includes more and more Echo speakers and other Amazon devicesa few that are already recorded until permanent decline.

If you are a smart Alexa user who wants to enhance the functionality of your homeowner, then you will obviously want to be seen, but some smart home builders may be too. From smart lights to and vacuum robotswith a secure bet that you can get a Prime Day discount in a variety of categories, with competing vendors like Walmart, Best Buy and Goals photo being a mix with smart home business for them, too.

That said, when it comes to smart home appliances, the best discounts for the year usually come in November, when Black Friday puts out a lot of money to buy holiday buyers. Your best bet is to keep any big purchase at that time – but Prime Day can be a great time to expand your smart home installation with a new device or two, or try something very different. This is what you need to know when shopping.

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The Prime Day election is less than a Friday

Make no mistake about it, we are going to see a premium home remedy for Prime Day, and some of those activities can be very attractive. You can already find good deals smart plugs, smart displays, vacuum robot vacuum cleaner and many more, bringing the prices of the goods to the lowest level we have seen throughout the year.

Historically, however, the best annual sales are approaching the holiday shopping season – in particular, Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in late November. In short, there are many consumers who are willing to spend; too, that means a very large number of manufacturers pulling out all of the stops competing against your dollar.

On top of that, your Prime Day options will be heavily dependent on Amazon’s stock of items, with significant storage discounts. Echo speakers and so on Alexa related tools. Not all Alexa, though. Echo features aside, most third-party tools will work in Google Assistant smart homes and sometimes Apple HomeKit smart homes, too. At the moment, some retailers prefer it Best Buy and Goals Working against the Amazon program and their summer sales could bring other brands between brands and brands. However, for the most part, Prime Day smart home ads always run on Alexa. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for – but maybe not.

In the end, the partnership is a partnership, so if there is a smart home app that you have been trying to add to your setup and have found a good discount in the coming days, feel free to pull it off at the beginning. But if you’re a big buyer and you’re trying to get the best price for the year, consider keeping your Fire Black Friday off, as you’ll have plenty of options to choose from (as well as good storage options).

Try to avoid impulse buying

It happens to us – you don’t buy anything directly, but a big sale comes along and you don’t want to miss out. You see a lot of good in something that you have never thought of in your home, and all of a sudden, it is approaching your home. I understand.

With smart home appliances, however, you will want to try to put more ideas into your purchase. To begin with, most smart home appliances may not work with all platforms (Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, SmartThings, what you have), so you do not want to buy anything just to know that it does not work. and other equipment in your home. And casual shopping is always a no-brainer when it comes to the internet of technology looking for a place in your home.

Your best plan for the upcoming and coming in Prime Day is the plan. All activities aside, is there anything you have always meant to add to your smart home setting? You may want to try a smart lock that works with your voice assistant, or you are a smart light user who may want to add a few bulbs to your setup. Either way, understand your options before you sell, and then be vigilant.

Logo of objects

Matter, a new global standard of intelligence with the support of many companies, is expected to be launched later this year after several delays.

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Things will be fine, but not yet

One of the great things you should consider in a smart home would be Stories, an upcoming Wi-Fi hotspot that promises to be a global language platform for home and platform devices. All the big names are in the circle, incl Amazon, apple, Google, Samsungand more, moreso there is a good chance that Matter’s efforts to organize smart links at home can be useful as soon as they arrive.

Originally scheduled for release in 2020, Matter clearly saw a number of delays between globalization and the global epidemic, and to establish now it is ready for this fall. Other tools, including Echo speakers, Nest kits, Apple TVs, Philips Hue bridges and more can all change the Matter switch with a simple switching program, but we also expect to see many new tools that support the scale, too. .

Just thinking that Matter has started the list, I would not expect to see many of these new weapons this year. The first appearance at the CES 2023 technical event seems to be possible – one official who was affected by Matter’s recent release told me that the Januaryware technical show could be another upcoming party. Time will tell, but for now, I would not mind trying to put Matter in your way to buy Prime Day.

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Think outside the box of wisdom

Lastly: You do not have to buy new home appliances on Prime Day to make your smart home look good. With so many home-made items listed at the event, there is an opportunity to create a masterpiece by taking out a variety of accessories that fit well with what you already have.

Here is a simple example. Do you have an old smart plug in a drawer that you do not use? Beware of desktop fan warmers or heaters that have music that you can leave in the “On” (tools like this work best with smart plugins that can be turned off and off automatically). Or maybe someone gave you a smart cooking appliance in your kitchen – Prime Day could be a good time to take a printer or cooking lamp to take with you.

I will be keeping an eye on the smuggling of smart devices near houses like this as we analyze thousands of items to highlight the best deals and Prime Day discounts. If you find anything interesting, you will be able to read all of this in our sections, so be sure to check it out.

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