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Additionally, the couple, who wed in 2002 after meeting in 1997, was able to engage in playful banter with Howard Stern 20 years after the shock jock predicted their union wouldn’t last.

Sarah Michelle Gellar will never forget how Howard Stern, a shock jock, viciously questioned Freddie Prinze Jr. about getting married in his mid-20s and how he had such little faith in the upcoming union that he bet Prinze the union wouldn’t last ten years. Gellar is prepared to cash in on that wager two decades later.

On Thursday, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star posted a picture from their wedding in Mexico to Instagram with the simple comment “20,” signifying their 20 years of marriage. She also shared screen captures from Prinze’s appearance on The Howard Stern Show on her Instagram Stories, where Stern informs the actor, “So you’re going to marry Sarah Michelle Gellar even though you know it won’t last.”

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Prinze uttered “Stern wasn’t convinced, and he added to Prinze, “I want to make a written bet with you. Absolutely, it will last. You’re going to find me in about ten years and say, “Howard, I owe you money.”” Prinze concurred and requested a written confirmation of the wager, but Howard persisted in grilling the 25-year-old Prinze about getting hitched.

But in addition to posting screenshots of the interview, Gellar also tagged The Howard Stern Show and said, “What do you think?!?!” and “I think you owe us,” in the comments.

Additionally, Prinze published Gellar’s Stories and added the phrase “She will never forget.” He included two laughing and weeping emojis as well.

The union between Prinze and Gellar has flourished. It has prospered. They first connected while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, and three years later they began dating. Soon after, they became engaged, and in 2002, they wed in Mexico. Since then, they have welcomed two kids, Rocky James, 10, and Charlotte Grace, 12.

What then makes their marriage successful? In 2020, Prinze and Gellar told ET that having separate bathrooms is essential to a happy marriage.

That’s my finest recommendation, Gellar remarked. “Never share a restroom.”

If they quit making you laugh, Prinze continued, “Your days are numbered.”

The actress (46) shared an old photo of the couple’s wedding day

She wrote, Happy anniversary, my love. Here we are… on our wedding day,

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Her husband, who has son Rocky from a previous relationship, paid tribute to his wife in the caption

He said, I still fall in love with you everyday @jrofrano ,

The pair met on the set of their 1995 film I Know What You Did Last Summer

They wed at L.A.’s historic L’Ermitage Hotel in 1997