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After a leaked video of her dancing with friends caused a fuss, Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, admitted on Friday that she had done a drug test, according to Finnish public television YLE.

“There have been some very significant claims made recently in the public sphere that I had used drugs. These are substantial and weighty accusations, in my opinion. Despite the fact that I think the requirement for a drug test is ridiculous, I have done a drug test today to prove my innocence and for my own legal protection “According to the broadcaster, Marin informed reporters.

I have never taken any form of drug, not even when I was a teenager, she continued.
After the revelation of private films, Finland’s 36-year-old leader acknowledged partying “in a boisterous fashion,” but she said she was upset that the material — which has received criticism from political rivals — was leaked to the media.

“These private videos were shot in a private setting. I regret that the public was made aware of these, “added Marin.
Some of Marin’s detractors criticised her behaviour as being unbecoming of a prime minister in response to the recordings. On Thursday, opposition MP Mikko Karna tweeted that Marin ought to take a drug test.

Although alcohol was consumed, Marin claimed on Thursday that she was unaware of any drug use at the gathering.