People wearing masks
People wear masks in the park. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid

San Diego County is seeing an increase in COVID-19 infections as well as hospitals, prompting health officials to encourage people to be vigilant and consider wearing masks.

According to the Health and Human Services Agency in the County, confirmed cases of coronavirus remain around 10,000 per week, an amount that does not include home tests.

The HHSA also said it had also seen the number of people who had relapsed – San Diegans who had been tested for COVID-19 several times during the same period. Pre-epidemics do not prevent the spread of new viruses, according to national guidelines.

In addition, COVID-related disease outbreaks are on the rise, rising 66% in the last 30 days. New admissions to the ICU increased by 68% over the same period.

“Due to the increasing prevalence of community outbreaks, including rehabilitation, we strongly encourage hiding, especially in crowded areas or near family, friends and colleagues who may be at risk of COVID-19,” said Drs. Cameron Kaiser, deputy for public health. elder. “Our best bet is to avoid hospitalization and death and to maintain the COVID-19 vaccine and stimulants, as well as isolation from others when they are sick.”

The region also reported 1,767 new cases and eight deaths on Thursday, adding 844,017 deaths and 5,357 deaths. Hospitals rose by 10 from Thursday numbers to 363, while ICU patients climbed three times a night to 45. There were a small number of 48 hospital beds, 197.

According to HHSA data, 2.99 million or 94.9% of San Diegans 5 years and older have COVID-19 vaccine. Those with more than 2.64 million vaccines or 84% of those eligible. In addition, the district has seen 1,385,514 promotions run – or 57.5% of San Diegans’ eligible 2,408,140.

The total number of cases in San Diego County per 100,000 people aged 12 and over is 44.75 for people who are completely vaccinated, 25.87 for people who are completely vaccinated and 84.07 who are not on San Diegans vaccine.

The region only reports on COVID Monday and Thursday.

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