self-protection on the corners of the phone

If you do not like the idea of ​​protecting your phone with a full charge you may be interested in the security features on the corner of Rmour Candy phone. It is designed to provide another way to completely cover your phone. The small sticky corners protect your phone from falling and falling but still give you the opportunity to appreciate the design and styling of your phone.

Promises of the first birds are now available for a new project from around $ 46 or £ 62 (depending on changing prices)offering a significant discount of about 54% on the final sale price, while Kickstarter team funds are within.

“This is a lightweight and lightweight phone that enhances your mobile skills. We hope the devices should be as enjoyable as they were designed. As a result, our manufacturers are proud to inform you of our new iPhone security. Our team has been doing well for many years with Rmour series, Over the past few years we have successfully completed our mass fundraising campaign on Kickstarter for iPhone 6 and 7, iPhone X. trying to make something better for you all!

iphone security corner

If the Rmour Candy campaign is well on its way to achieving its goal and production is progressing well, global shipping should take place sometime around October 2022. To learn more about the Rmour Candy corner protectors project play the promotional video below.

Security on the corners of the phone

“Rmour Candy offers a high-quality frame that is both stylish and secure. You will appreciate the peace of mind that your iPhone is safe and sound, as we have done a few low tests to confirm this. When we think of cell phones, we often think of things that are heavy, heavy, and ugly. Wrapping an iPhone in a thick plastic case or barrier removes the cost that the size and weight of the iPhone design presents. ”

For a complete list of all available pledges, extensions, voice recorders and more for corner guards, visit the Rmour Candy support page by checking the link below.

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