In a nation where violence against women is pervasive, Indian police on Tuesday established a special investigating unit to look into the death of a girl who said she had been set on fire by a stalker whose marriage proposal she had rejected.

Hardline Hindu organisations have demanded the execution of the defendant, a Muslim male who resided in the same neighbourhood as the victim, a Hindu, in the Dumka region of the eastern state of Jharkhand, according to the police.

The girl, Ankita, was allegedly set on fire last Tuesday after a stranger allegedly doused her with kerosene via her home window while she slept. On Sunday, she passed away in a hospital from severe burn injuries.

According to Amol V. Homkar, a spokesman for the Jharkhand police, “two senior officers have been posted in the town and they will coordinate with the district police chief in the investigation.” He also stated that the accused and a co-accused have been taken into custody.
Reuters was unable to reach the accused person’s relatives or attorney very away.

The majority of the Hindu population, according to the Vishva Hindu Parishad, or World Hindu Council, would take to the streets in protest if the proper measures were not implemented.
To avoid any negative effects from the incident, district officials have restricted people’s freedom of movement.

Rahul Gandhi, the chairman of the main opposition Congress party, stated on Twitter that Ankita’s murder had caused “every Indian to lower their heads in shame” due to the cruelty shown to her.
“Today, the country desperately needs to establish a safe environment for women.”