The new Razer Stream Controller looks much better than the previous one, choosing to use the digital keys on the LCD screen instead of the 15 buttons that Elgato users have come to expect from the Stream Deck and its follow-up, the revamped Stream Deck MK.2 . The latter is good but it doesn’t hold a candle to the flexibility available with Razer’s onboard LCD screen and the variety of graphics and plugins offered in Loupedeck. Considering the versatility of the Razer Stream Controller, it can provide more precision than the 32-key Stream Deck XL… like your game, Spotify, or Voicemod.

Using the six controls split on the left and right side of the console, it seems like you can control the sound from each signal before it’s pushed to Twitch, and this could also be a good way to switch the microphone as a benefit. the levels are very high, plus it can make video game audio sound better if the game isn’t properly mixed, which happens sometimes.

Razer is promising a launch window around the fall of 2022 for its Stream Controller, though you can pre-register to find out when the device is available for purchase on Razer’s website. If you prefer to pay over time, it looks like Affirm is offering a $23-per-month payment plan over 12 months. You can check here to see if you qualify for a loan through Affirm from Razer’s website. Razer’s new product is priced at $270, which is slightly higher than Elgato’s $150 price tag.

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