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Only a few days before he was murdered and killed in Los Angeles, the rapper PnB Rock spoke about how other musicians felt like they were the targets of robberies.

About a week before to being shot and killed on Monday when robbing Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles, PnB Rock remarked that crooks in the city were “bold” and told a story about a time when he, his girlfriend, and his child were being followed.

I’m trying to remain calm because I don’t want you to be anxious, he said. For your family, you want the highest possible level of tranquilly.

He asserted that robberies targeting people working in the rap industry are “common.”
“I never was robbed, ever in my life,” the rapper proclaimed. Although I haven’t been robbed, I’m not superstitious, so I won’t say “never.”
PnB Rock went on to claim that he steered clear of areas like nightclubs where he might be taken advantage of by individuals living a “gangster” lifestyle.
He said, “I’m not going to put myself in those scenarios,” knowing what would happen.

According to Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michael Moore, PnB and a buddy were “enjoying a simple supper” when they were “brutally attacked by a person.” The location of the artist and the woman who was with him was revealed in an Instagram post, according to police, which led the attacker to the scene.

Mr. PnB Rock was shot and killed there, losing his life only for the jewellery and other possessions he was wearing, according to Moore. After that, there was a fight.

The murder investigation is still ongoing, according to LAPD.