LOS ANGELES – Pete Alonso smiles and looks off into the distance. What is his favorite part of hitting a home run?

“I feel the ball coming out,” he muses. “Seeing the way. And then it’s gone.”

He can see how he is able to cross paths and how he can bring down others.

“Yes,” he says, laughing. “The whole thing.”

All-Star Week celebrates the people who are the best in the world at what they do, and perhaps no one in the world is as good as they are. Mets The first baseman is throwing bombs over and over again. As soon as 5pm Pacific on Monday, Alonso will take the field as the favorite to win his third consecutive Home Run Derby. Going with him will be People of color special assistant David Jauss, who as Mets bench coach last year put the ball exactly where Alonso wanted it 74 times in Denver. (Alonso’s cousin, Derek Morgan, rode for him in Cleveland in 2019, the first time he won.)

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