According to documents released by co-founder and whistleblower William Wilkerson through his attorney, executives of Trump Media and Technology Group mentioned Parler and Rumble as potential partners or acquisitions.
Wilkerson was a founding executive of Trump Media’s Truth Social, a platform for social media similar to Twitter. The initiative was initiated by former president Donald Trump after he was suspended from Twitter for tweets he made during the Capital Riot on January 6, 2021, when hundreds of his followers stormed Congress in an effort to prevent Joe Biden’s election victory from being confirmed.

A picture of a flow plan showing “Trump’s New Media Empire” on an easel is included in Wilkerson’s documents, which span the summer of 2021 to the fall of 2022. The flow map identifies a number of “possible acquisitions and/or collaborations.” The picture lists Discord, right-leaning video site Rumble, conservative social media network Parler, which Ye, the musician formerly known as Kanye West, stated he would buy, and linear cable channels like One America News and Newsmax.
The undated image shows Andy Dean Litinsky, a former “Apprentice” contestant and additional Trump executive, who Wilkerson claims was sacked for failing to provide Melania Trump shares of Trump Media. In March, Litinsky was let go.

Truth Social’s video hosting provider Rumble recently became public through a SPAC agreement, and Trump Media is also working to finish this process. Trump Media’s agreement with the fictitious corporation Digital World Acquisition Corp., however, is up against both financial and legal challenges.
Key deadlines for the deal have gone, costing it over $100 million in possible funding. The merger deadline has been postponed until next year despite efforts to prolong such deadlines. On Thursday morning, there will be another shareholder meeting.

A criminal investigation into alleged securities violations involving discussions that took place between DWAC and Trump Media prior to the merger announcement is also focused on those companies.
Despite these issues, Wilkerson told The New York Times that a merger between Trump Media and the already-known Rumble is possible and might give access to $400 million in capital.
The likelihood of Rumble becoming a publicly traded company has increased, according to Mr. Wilkerson, who spoke with The New York Times with his legal team of Philip Brewster, Patrick Mincey, and Stephen Bell.

Questions about the potential for such a partnership were not answered by representatives from Trump Media, DWAC, or Rumble. A request for comment from Parler was not answered.
Along with naming these potential acquisition possibilities, the image also mentions a number of other Trump Media endeavours that are still in the works, such as “Trump Faith/Classic Films,” “Trump Book Publishing,” and “Trump Documentaries.”