Louisiana calls itself an “oil field,” but much of its wealth is made up of natural gas. Not only is it a huge new export market but it is a contribution to the environment for decades, cheaper than coal and much less carbon.

Time is the ‘transformation’ of Natural Gas State.

Louisiana’s economy has shrunk dramatically because of rising prices – especially three times a year – economist Gary Wagner of Louisiana University in Lafayette said. Only five other countries have more allies than Louisiana in the first phase, he said.

And it is not because we see the rise in electricity prices, since the gas used to make electricity is made into electricity bills. The petrochemical industry in Louisiana is the backbone of the state economy, and the cheap oil reserves of plants along the Mississippi and Calcasieu rivers were of great benefit. Now, the costs are much higher than the oil change on household electricity bills.

Oil is also affected by the state, major works were lost while refineries were closed in Belle Chasse and Convent. Purifiers have a greater benefit over oil prices than ever before, but rising pump prices have cost a lot of household money.

All of this, we believe, should add to the scrutiny of President Joe Biden and government officials who have been reluctant to embrace more oil, or to be criticized.

Louisiana’s economy is often controversial, because the country’s economy may be thriving while power generation is creating jobs here. But with rising prices for years and the worsening global economy due to the epidemic and war in Ukraine, we do not want to bet on Wagner’s statement about Louisiana: “50-50 chances are at stake.”

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