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If your family time can be spent with a larger organization you may be interested in a new one digital family information board in the form of Fire Show. Equipped with a digital calendar and activity manager, an information board has been created to help you plan and manage your family from one location. Helping relatives to see current events or upcoming activities. Maybe it’s time to leave your blackboard or blackboard to have modern ways to communicate with the whole family.

family information board

Organize your family

Heart can help a family of three or a family of 20 as well as raising a child with a dog. Enjoy the opportunity to have unlimited history whether your family is large or small.

Preliminary bird promises are now available for a newly launched project from around $ 539 or £ 453 (depending on changing prices)offering a major discount of about 22% discount on sales price, while Indiegogo group funds are within.

“Hearth Display is an excellent family-friendly solution that supports home remodeling and electronics. Hearth organizes everything in one place so you can see what’s going on with your family at home or on the go! Hearth Display is the first way to integrate all your information into one place. ”

If the Hearth Display campaign is well on its way to achieving its goal and making it successful, international shipping is expected to take place sometime by the end of May 2023. For more information on the Hearth Display digital family bulletin board project see the promotional video below.

Put everyone in order by having all your family activities in one place for everyone to see. Assign tasks easily to other relatives. Or try to take action in your “shared” family group. Let Hearth Helper tell you everything? Just write or email a photo of the information you want to add to Hearth and it will be downloaded to your calendar. ”

Family notes

For a list of all the bird promises, stretching goals, voice recordings and more on the digital family information board, go to the Hearth Display sponsorship page by clicking the link below.

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