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Aaron Judge of the Yankees will attempt to surpass the American League’s mark for most home runs in a single season on Friday.

Apple TV+, a streaming service, is the only place to see the Yankees play the Red Sox on Friday, which is worrying some Yankee fans who prefer to watch the game on the team’s regular TV channel, YES Network, and with the team’s own regular broadcasters.

Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, joined the Yankee fans in their fight against Apple on Friday, just before the game was scheduled to begin. James urged Apple to permit the game to be televised on YES Network.

“Cable subscribers in New York paid their fees anticipating live sports coverage. In a statement, James said, “Now they are being asked to pay extra if they want to watch this exciting home run chase, and potentially historic game. “I am calling on Apple and the MLB to reach a fair accommodation with the YES Network so that fans can watch what we all hope will be history made this evening.

Anyone with an Apple account, whether they just created one or already have one, may watch the Friday Night Baseball broadcast for free. Baseball is available without paying the $5 monthly charge with Apple TV+. Baseball games were free on Apple earlier this year, but the company has not yet implemented charges.

Also, viewers don’t require an Apple device to watch: By departing from its previous preferences, has created Apple TV+ apps for a number of non-Apple platforms, such as Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, Google TV, and gaming consoles, enabling its broadcasts to reach a wider audience. Even any machine with a web browser and sufficiently quick internet access can be used to see them.

James eventually changed his mind, saying that although there was a free option to watch the game, it came with a number of restrictions, such as requiring an Apple ID, a smart TV or streaming device, Wi-Fi, or cellular service.

The altercation serves as an illustration of the friction that is emerging as important sports broadcasts transition from conventional TV to streaming platforms like Apple’s. By publishing instructions on how to watch the game on social media and their websites, Major League Baseball and the Yankees have made an effort to dispel the misunderstanding.

On Friday, there will be no paywall, thanks to Apple’s collaboration with comedian Jon Stewart, whose programme is available on Apple TV+. He jokingly claimed that he convinced “Mr. App,” an Apple executive, to make the game free.

Stewart made light of the situation in the video, saying, “All you need is the app, and that’s on everything. It’s probably already on your phone, your TV, your microwave, and behind your eyeballs, because Apple is really technically capable.

A spokesperson from Apple was unavailable for comment right away.