[The stream is now over. James’ lawsuit was fully covered by CNBC here.]
Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, announced a significant lawsuit against former president Donald Trump, three of his adult children, and his business over broad allegations of fraud. James has been pursuing a civil probe into Trump’s businesses.
James’ declaration follows The New York Times’ story that she had turned down a settlement deal from Trump’s attorneys to end her investigation into the Manhattan-based Trump Organization.

James’ office was looking into the possibility that the corporation had lied about the worth of various real estate assets in order to obtain tax discounts, lower insurance and loan rates, and other financial advantages.
Trump has frequently denied any wrongdoing and charged Democrat James with being politically motivated in his pursuit of the former Republican president.
Trump was up in August for a deposition taken by James’ attorneys. In order to avoid answering questions under oath, he used his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination more than 440 times.

Earlier in August, both their sister Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.—who together operate the Trump Organization—provided testimony to the investigators. Ivanka previously worked at the company as an executive.
According to a court document submitted in January, Eric Trump used his Fifth Amendment privilege more than 500 times when he was questioned in connection with the investigation in October 2020.