On Monday, Netflix announced that a new internal game studio would be starting in Finland.
The move is a first for the business since the streaming juggernaut entered the mobile gaming market in November 2021. In the previous year, it acquired three outside gaming firms in addition to purchasing Finland-based Next Games for around $72 million.
More than 20 mobile games are already accessible for customers to download through Netflix, and by year’s end, the business hopes to have 50. Both “Stranger Things: 1984” and “Queen’s Gambit Chess,” which are based on Netflix episodes, are included in the catalogue.

Although the streamer’s effort into gaming is still in its early stages, few Netflix users were playing as of August. According to Apptopia, less than 1% of Netflix’s 220 million customers played the games every day.
When asked about its game involvement, Netflix didn’t react right away.
The streaming service promoted the internal game studio as a place for Netflix to develop games alongside its current subsidiary studios, which include Night School Studio and Boss Fight Entertainment. However, the streamer has seen a decline in total subscribers over the past few quarters.

Amir Rahimi, the company’s vice president of game studios, stated in a statement that “it’s still early on and we have much more work to do to create a terrific games experience on Netflix.” I’m proud to see how we’re progressively laying the groundwork for our games studios in our first year because it can take years to create a game.
According to the company, there won’t be any adverts or in-app purchases in its games. Users can currently view the games available within the Netflix app, but the games must be downloaded separately.