With Microsoft
A representative for the company said on Monday that more employees had been let go as the software maker’s revenue was predicted to decline due to decreased sales of Windows licences for PCs.
The action fits with efforts being made by both large and small technology enterprises to cut costs. Platforms Meta
both Salesforce
are some of the companies in Silicon Valley that have reduced hiring this year, despite Coinbase
the Netflix
and other people have used layoffs.

According to a Microsoft spokeswoman speaking to CNBC, “like other firms, we examine our business goals on a regular basis and make structural adjustments accordingly.” In the upcoming year, “We will continue to invest in our business and hire in important growth areas.”
The announcement on Monday comes three months after Microsoft claimed to have cut fewer than 1% of its workforce.
Microsoft predicted a 10% revenue increase in the first quarter of the fiscal year in July, which was the slowest forecast in more than five years. On October 25, the corporation will report its financial results.
Less than 1,000 individuals were affected by the layoffs, according to Axios, which first reported them earlier on Monday and cited an unnamed source.