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As a result of the recent shortage of semiconductor which is becoming more and more of a concern for both state-owned and commercial enterprises, they are beginning to realize a lack of technological expertise in the production of marine weapons in the United States. To help deal with this Intel Foundry Services (IFS) will be entering the business space and as part of the IFS Accelerator program, Intel recently announced their new IFS Cloud Alliance program, with Microsoft Azure as one of the opening members.

Intel Foundry Services Cloud Alliance

“This is the latest in a series of lectures between Intel and Microsoft that spanned decades back in the early days of computing. compute as an FX series on Azure, working with EDA vendors to improve their software to optimize the elasticity of the Azure cloud, as well as to integrate a cloud-based semiconductor platform based on US Department of Defense RAMP and RAMP-C software. “

IFS will also be partnering with Microsoft and NetApp to host Microsoft Azure’s home of Design Automation Conference later this year in San Francisco. will bring the proven and straightforward solutions to Intel foundry collateral and process design kits (PDKs).

“The partnership will provide all kinds of semiconductor manufacturers with the ability to manufacture and follow high-quality silicon solutions. By improving the performance and scales provided by Azure, small and medium-sized companies will be able to overcome design challenges that would otherwise be difficult with high-tech infrastructure. prem. Large wireless companies can also benefit from being able to target Intel process nodes as they add their latest equipment and new cloud equipment and EDA-enabled equipment to the cloud. ”

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