Monday and Dylan Hernández, apparently about Kershaw making the All-Star team, shame the LA Times. Continuing to criticize Freddie Freeman, Hernández complains that Freeman feels he has not been chosen. But Hernández goes further than that. Because Freeman told Hernández his question about whether he was “picked” without being picked was “a bad question,” Hernández went ahead and wrote, “And this is the guy the Dodgers will be waiting for in October.” Freeman is one of the best players in baseball. This is not journalism. It’s childish hatred. Hernández should be fired.

Craig A. Horowitz
Santa Monica


What does Dylan Hernández have against Freddie Freeman? First he writes that the whole job of hacking, the classless part of how Freeman should not show these contradictions at the end of his reign with the Braves, and then he feels the need to throw another jab (or three) at Freddie in. story about Clayton Kershaw’s All-Star selection?

Hernández is like one of those people who does something hurtful to someone and then gets angry at that person for doing something bad. Freeman has every right to call this person a nuisance and avoid him if he wants to. Hernández has apparently never lost anything important to her, never been dumped by a boyfriend or fired from a job she loved, although the LA Times may have something to say about that.

Danny Balber Jr.


With all the vitriol directed by Dylan Hernández on Freddie Freeman, I thought I was reading a TJ Simers piece from the old days. Relax, Dylan! You spent the first half of your session on Kershaw beating Freddie Freeman again, then kneeling down to question his mental stability? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Freddie might answer your questions so badly.

Ted Shirley
Palos Verdes Ranch


You have to stop Dylan Hernández’s attack on Freddie Freeman. I have subscribed to this paper for over 50 years and have never seen such vitriol.

Jeanne Miller


Perhaps Hernández is the most mentally unstable.

Mike Schaller
Temple City


Freddie Freeman is wrong to call Dylan Hernández “the worst a reporter he has been involved in 13 years in the big league. “Dylan Hernández is the worst a story writer.

Peter Maradudin

Sho must continue

If the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani then ownership and management will have admitted they cannot field a winning team. They have two of the best players in baseball in Ohtani and Mike Trout. If they can’t build a team around them, then maybe it’s time to go ahead and admit their failures this year and past years and sell the team to someone who can do the job.

Steve Shavel
Pictures of Woodland Hills


I’m sure the “experts” who represent other teams would prefer that the Angels trade Ohtani, which would be a very stupid decision since the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth. How did that happen?

William Morgan
Pacific Palisades


Is this a joke? Perry Minasian thinks the Angels can win? He might be a fool to get rid of Joe Maddon, but that’s not the problem. They had a future Hall of Fame manager and two of the top five hitters in baseball and didn’t win. They could sign Aaron Judge and Trea Turner in the offseason and not win. Joe McCarthy can rise from the dead and manage a team and not win. And what has remained constant through all these years of failure? Arte Moreno. He is the worst owner in sports history. He must go. Rita Moreno could have done a better job.

Dennis Connor


Note to Angels’ GM Perry Minasian. He is not a manager.

Bob Kagenian
Yoba Linda

Baseball game

Your two records at Dodger Stadium – the saddest experiences of attending a game at baseball’s cathedral – both hit like Kershaw’s slider. The stadium is as beautiful as ever, but going to a weekday game these days is difficult – leaving home at 5pm, returning at midnight.

Parking, food choices, bathrooms, the stress of getting in and out of the stadium by car and on foot – nothing shows any change in the last 60 years. The new centerfield pavilion, as nice as it is, doesn’t solve the deep problems. Dodger Stadium should function as a modern stadium, not a museum. The owner has done an amazing job with the football club but nothing with the stadium. It’s time to be positive about what happens to you.

Don Gould


Reading Bill Plaschke’s article about the suffering coming in and out of Dodger Stadium reminds me why I became an Angels fan. Reading recaps of Angels games every day that Ohtani doesn’t unload makes me wish someone would make it easier to get in and out of Dodger Stadium.

Michael Coyle
Long Beach

‘Student-athlete’ means none

Thanks to Ryan Kartje for a well-written and detailed account of USC’s new QB Caleb Williams. It’s a good idea of ​​what it means to be a “student-athlete” today. Interestingly, there was no mention of what the young man wanted to study, what classes he might take, or any thought about what attending a top school like USC would mean for him. Unfortunately, this is all true of “college” sports big time.

Mark Handel
Santa Monica


Many years ago the amazing singer Carmen McRae had a great song called “I Wasn’t Made for This Time.” After reading many stories about Caleb Williams and his journey to the NIL, I was impressed by the popularity of his coaches and his family as well as supporters and supporters “sparing money to support his potential as a quarterback” and “supporting Caleb as a college football player and a legitimate leader” I agree that he is here in LA, at USC, “to be a better football player.”

Sadly, to my understanding of the concept of the “scholarly athlete,” there was no mention of education or training.

Maybe I wasn’t made for these times.

Joe Hilberman


The story of USC quarterback Caleb Williams and his business success brings two words to mind. Todd Marinovich. Todd’s preparation for quarterback greatness was rightly modeled after Caleb Williams’ grooming.

One can only hope that his strong stable of PR and financial advisors includes someone who can stop him from following Todd’s tragic path.

Noel Park
Palos Verdes Ranch


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